Epic Bio Presents New Data on Epigenetic Editing Platform at CRISPR Frontiers Conference

– Epic’s non-cutting technology to modulate the epigenome advances with the addition of new hypercompact Cas effectors and potent gene activators – SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — August 17, 2023 — Epic Bio, a biotechnology company developing therapies to modulate gene expression using compact, non-cutting dCas proteins, today presented new data on its epigenetic editing platform … Read more

Epic Bio, Founded by CRISPR Pioneer, Launches to Revolutionize Genetic Medicine with Epigenetic Engineering

– $55 million Series A financing will advance the company’s robust preclinical pipeline and ongoing discovery efforts –  – Epic holds exclusive license to smallest known Cas protein, enabling in vivo delivery via AAV vector to wide range of target organs – –  Lead program in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) on track for clinical initiation … Read more