EPI-321 at ASGCT 2024

EPI-321 is an investigational epigenetic editing therapy that aims to address the underlying molecular mechanisms of FSHD by restoring methylation to the D4Z4 region of chromosome 4 and halting toxic expression of the DUX4 gene. EPI-321 is delivered to muscle tissue within a single AAV vector (AAVrh74) which has been clinically validated for muscle delivery. Preclinical studies on EPI-321 have demonstrated its ability to robustly suppress pathological expression of the DUX4 gene and reduce muscle cell death.

View Epic Bio’s poster, “EPI-321: A Novel Epigenetic Gene Therapy for FSHD Targeting D4Z4 Epigenome,” available here.

View Epic Bio’s abstract, “Validating EPI-321 Safety for FSHD: A Comprehensive Off Target Characterization Platform for Epigenetic Gene Therapies,” available here.

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