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Osmar Aguirre-Gutierrez

The latest from Epic

November 17, 2022

"Dan Hart, Ph.D., head of technology development, shares why he is excited to be part of the Epic Bio Team. #Epigenome #GeneRegulation #GeneModulation #EpigeneticEditing "

October 25, 2022

"On October 29, Epic Bio will present "GEMS: A Platform for Transcriptional and Epigenome Engineering in Human Disease" at the International Conference on Epigenetics and Bioengineering. Learn more here: "

October 13, 2022

"Epic Bio CEO, Amber Salzman, Ph.D., to present at the Solebury / BMO Fall Private Company Showcase today at 2:40 pm ET. Learn more about the event here: #epigenetics #FSHD #Biotech #GeneticMedicines "